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            From brand planning, creative design, proofing to production, you have no worries about the future

            To create a hot-selling product, choose the box bank

            20 years of focus on creative packaging design

            Let customers choose you first over competitors

            Recognized by the industry as a leading brand in the field of creative packaging
            The first one-stop service of "brand strategy, creative design, process research and development, proofing production"

            It's not our creativity, but our 20 years of experience in liquor packaging design, keen market insight, and knowing what kind of products are suitable for the market.
            Strategy: Based on the systematic strategic planning of industry market, brand strategy, resource research, product planning, etc., formulate a practical and feasible strategy system implementation plan.
            Packaging: Guided by brand strategy and marketing strategy, it systematically creates super symbols and packaging aesthetics, presenting a refreshing brand packaging image.
            Vision: Targeting the subjective form of expression means and results of eye function, let the visual system image play the role of a bridge between enterprise-commodity-consumer.
            Landing: Boxside has built a 37,000-square-meter packaging factory, just to satisfy the designer's creative space to make the design perfect.

            One of the top ten packaging design companies in Shenzhen

            More than 1,000 brands + more than 10,000 projects to witness together


            Packaging designers have an average of more than ten years of work experience and have a mature grasp of the integrated industrial chain process from product strategy positioning to creative packaging design to packaging production


            Serving dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, providing customers with professional and competitive packaging products, solutions and services, and committed to continuously improving brand value for customers


            Boxpan adheres to the guiding ideology of "original" and the creative concept of "new and peculiar". It has served more than 1,000 customers and created more than 10,000 popular products。